Crystal Laser Engraving - How It Works

This is sub surface laser engraving !

To do this we focus a pulsing laser at high energy through a “camera like lens” at a specific wavelength into a tiny dot in the middle of a block of optically pure glass. The laser light then passes through the glass without disturbing it “until” the exact focal point is reached, whereupon the energy level will cause the glass to vaporise and form a tiny oval shaped crack.

The laser will also be pulsing and moving to and fro, forming layers of millions of these tiny oval cracks, building up a 3D image in the glass, much like forming a picture with pencil dots.

These tiny cracks “refract light” and so create a beautiful lifelike replica of a person or shape.

the image created looks like a perfect sculpture within the glass block

Very high quality “optically pure crystal glass” is required in 3D crystal engraving , often referred to as “ K9 Optical Glass”, so named because of the precise manufacturing process that is required to produce the required pure optical quality.

Any “defect” within the crystal glass would influence the optical quality and so affect the laser as it penetrates. A defect would then cause the laser beam to “bounce” or “divert” off course and distort the result.

For the subsurface laser engraving process to consistently produce perfect results it is essential that the quality of the optical crystal glass be uniform throughout the whole block.

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